Friday, May 1, 2009

I think we should go to the beach today

what to pack:

1. tanning oil
2. huge sunglasses
3. a baggy Wildfox sweatshirt for sunset
4. a huge hippy blanket
5. a big yellow striped umbrella
6. PB& banana sandwiches
7. coca cola
8. the book "weetzie bat"
9. A sketchbook
10. lemons

pictures by Hilary Walsh


Amra said...

that post makes me happy... and the girl with the freckles is soo cute. =)

Anonymous said...

Rad pictures, reminds me of back east!

Jan said...

These are incredible.

Don't Be A Hero said...

do you have a larger size of the first photo? I really wanna make a header

ihateshowering said...

what magazine is that Block A editorial from?