Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My roommate's a stylist

The best part abuot living with my best friend/best stylist is having her style our big photoshoots with us.

The worst part is living with rooms of clothes you're not allowed to wear. The best clothes.

Here are a few of Cass, one I snapped in the morning before she left the house. The others she made that leopard body suit herself and cut the top of overalls off to wear as a vest and pinned a bunny tail on them. How cool can you be? That was just another night out for her.


Le Fashion said...

HAD to post the hot smoker kitty!

love this blog so very much.

congrats on the success you have had :)


lauren baluyo said...

This blog is so addicting!

Btw, my eyes can't help being transfixed on those open toe , black zippered bootie/clogs to the right? Can you please tell me what's the label on those....aaah they're freaking gorgeous.


hanni said...

Love everything you guys do,seriously you're amazing i can't wait to get some of your pieces from the 2009 fall collection

slobonmyblog said...

can u post a diy for ur friend's outfit???

sarah said...

i would not be able to resist!

Esther Rebel said...

that leopard body suit is brilliant, especially in combination with the little bunny tail. meow!

Bella said...

Meow! I love this!!!