Tuesday, May 12, 2009

fahion icon dolls

I used to want to design dolls, then I realized fashion is playing dolls with real people. WAY better. But I do wish they made a line of fashion icon dolls. I sketched out 3 girls, how fun would it be if they came with all the little clothes too? A tiny balmain jacket?? Baby vintage denim shorts? I'd die of happiness. Hope you like the rough sketches!



Emmadime said...

These are fabulous! I would totally own all of those dolls if they were made :)

Cindy said...

i love this. you're a great drawer. the kate and chloe dolls are esp. cute. great blog and great fashion line ladies. i can't wait for your fall collection.

Ara said...

these are just great!! You have captured their style so well. :)

loft in soho said...

I fallen in love with your amazing illustrations, I could not avoid the temptation to post on my blog with a link, of course,
I need more!


hanni said...

They are supercute ,specially the the way that they stand

Christing said...

so cute!!! they remind me of those paper dolls from my childhood. i used to love cutting out all different outfits for each one!


cat said...

you made these?wow ahaha they are so damn cute and hit the nail...looks exactly like kate! you should make more of these! wowwww


Julia.K. said...

I'd love to see these materialize.
Nice work.