Friday, July 17, 2009

have a good weekend

kiss people

credit: chris craymer


Stompface said...

oh, I love that picture.
so much love.


RosaClementine said...

give me some of that;)

Rebecca said...

i've not seen the original photo yet, its so sweet!

dalya. said...

wildfox, im obsessed with everything about you. your whole aesthetic is simply amazing. it would make my life if you would perhaps check out my blog. keeep up the amazing work!

<3, d

also, i sent an email about interning, so i was wondering what the status on that was. thanks so much.

esb said...

fuck this made me melt

ALB said...

Such a gorgeous capture.

emma said...

so glad my boyfriend is coming to visit after this ;)

peace, love, and sunny weekends ladies!

love the fashion kiwi

Ashley said...

Aw, I love that picture. You made me miss my BF! *sigh*


Anonymous said...

Please please please post the shots from the Markhunter/ Tallulah shoot you did i while back! :) You girls are awesome!