Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Australian supermodel Gemma Ward has confirmed her return to modelling

Vogue Australia cover girl (add to that US Vogue, UK Vogue, Vogue China, Vogue India and probably every other Vogue), Gemma Ward has confirmed that we haven’t lost her baby doll looks to the silver screen just yet.
After taking the year off to travel and enjoy the company of friends, Ward has said she will return to modelling, which means we’ll be watching the February ready-to-wear shows with added interest.
To celebrate our happiest news of ’09 so far we have collected some images that show just why Ward is the darling of designers and advertisers everywhere. (January 9, 2008)
- Damien Woolnough

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White Tea & Wild Horses said...

This is so exciting! I miss Gemma on the runways and in editorial so bad.