Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ok kids, out of the tub!

ALMOST Coachella!!! I'm making some crazy pants for it.

Maybe we will have another tub party

Bella Howard


Krystal said...

i think it is SO WEIRD i found your blog today, contacted me asking if I would do a contest featuring a few designer pieces--of mu choosing, and I chose the Wildfox Couture Tiger crop tee...the law of attraction in full force I guess. It's up on my site now. xx

Style On Track said...

Can't wait to hear your experience of Coachella, how lucky are you!

vogue said...

i love love love your blog and label! i just posted your latest collection on mine :)

F Blog said...

Amazing photo. Love your blog and Wildfox in general.. can't wait to see the pants you create!

WilliamsWest said...

I love your BLOG!!! Actually, I think I'm in love with anything Wildfox!!! My friend and I decided we were wildfox girls and took pictures to prove it...hope you like!

|dollface| @

ps: how'd Coachella go for you?


jointjumble said...

could not love your blog more! x x

::G:: said...

I love ur blog! Amazing pics!