Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dear Topshop

Do we have the same brain? Love Kim & Emily


sarah said...

the final hallway shot is amazing!


Christing said...

these pics are makes me want to go to and start purchasing now! i love the pink corset bra!

Anonymous said...

The dress in the 4th photo from the bottom just arrived to me the other day!!

blackbleach said...

loved those photos!!
they look absolutely awesome, makes me wanna buy all their clothes too! (although i usually have that urge, without seeing any photos at all...haha)
love wildfox

alexa said...

SO golden.
These photos make me feel tres dreamy, just like the time i first stepped into topshop a few years ago.

ps. loving wildfox. xoxo

Lauren said...

These pictures are great, I have the vintage bra in white it is stunning!

McCall said...

these photos are awesome. what is the girl in the photos name?

kim and emily, did you take these??