Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I'm boy crazy. com

A girl in my social network has a very fun blog about dating and her life with boys, she offers advice and funny videos and tells all, holding nothing back but names.
She does interviews with boys too!

It's funny and charming, a bit strange and quirky, but totally amusing. Especially for those of you at work with nothing to do.

Personal blogging is like the new reality TV.

Anyway, I read this girl Alexi is going through a breakup. We all know how hard breakups are, so if you're going through one or are divinely happy in a relationship or stunningly single or sadly single, read this blog. It's fun. And maybe leave her some comments of cheerfulness and love cause lord knows having "it's called breakup because it's broken" is the most humiliating thing to have at your bedside, I'd rather hear it from real people!



Bluefemme said...

I like her blog too. Its cute! So much fun to read.

alexi said...

thank you wildfox babes! xo alexi