Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wildfox summer essentials!


Melting Fabric said...

all of that sounds amazing! i especially love the idea of roadtrips! i love to go to random small towns and go crazy in there thrift stores!

milkshakes- yum

Loraine said...

you know... i feel pretty stupid right now. 'cause i just realized that Wildfox is not only your blog, but that it's a line! 0_0 YOUR line of clothes. and that all those photos around blogspot (with the fangs, the captions, the red lipstick blonde girl) are yours.

yeah, i think i'm over it anyways. but i like the clothes & the photographs a lot! ;]

Anonymous said...

Great essentials! Who's the lovely model in the 3rd floral essential?

Chels said...

9 sound so good right now im not even done school yet :(

Raez said...

genius list. i especially can go for a road trip. i love wildfox!!


Kasey said...

this sounds like a fantastic summer that keeps you busy can't wait to try some of the ideas out!!

Caity180 said...

Oh how I heart the summer. Here in Australia it's becoming a very very cold winter. My essentials are hot water bottles, boys cardi's, bubble baths, snuggles, soup, having my cat fall asleep on my tummy.

Cindy said...

great list. love all the ideas. i need on of those slip and slides for my birthday. if only i had a yard to put it on i'd be the coolest girl on the block.

i just bought two wildfox tee's for summer so that part of the list is complete.

Moni said...

I love love love all the to-do and to-make and to-feel lists on your supersweet blog.......reminds me of when i was little and my fave part of my girls mag was the lists....10 ways to re-design your bedroom in 2 hrs for like under £5.....haha those were the days.....Wildfox is so unabashedly girly its addictive XXX

Rosie said...

i LOVE this list!!!!! i really want a milkshake now!!

you have an amazing blog, so i have given you an award on my blog!!


Black said...

I love this list. I'm all for no 1-5 and 9.

Wildfox sisters said...

hey guys!

loraine: glad you figured out it was a clothing line maybe I should make it more clear! Thanks for the heads up!

model is for topshop not sure her name

That all sounds perfect! Get a Mexican woven blanket and a conch shell to top it all off


Im from England so I love that you mention that! I also remember great childhood things like playing in the woods by the house for so long it became my home, and eating way too many petit filou fromage frais. Miss England.


thanks so much for the award!

ps. Great bangs! Looove your haircut it's so super cute!


Thanks for buying shirts! It means so much to us!

Thanks you guys for the comments! Just so you know I check out all your blogs and love the positive energy and especially the ones where you write about your day to day lives! If we don't link you or mention you don;t take it to heart! We just don want to have too many links for people to click, there are some really special people we know personally that we link to!

Again, I check out all your blogs and love doing it! Makes my day!

If any of you want to hear back from me directly in a comment just let me know a question etc and I will try to respond!



LetThemEatKate said...

love this- i think i am defo going to make milkshakes and go on a roadtrip!

Steph said...

I love this post! Anything with lists makes me happy and you have lists within a list. Draw all sorts of inspiration from you guys, keep it up :)

Rebecca said...

agreed! x

Delightfully Dott said...

Love your blog!!!

Isquisofrenia said...

i love obviously numero 2 cuz Alexa is sporting the badass leather jacket!!!
all this summer essentials sound awesome!!!


SaraLouise said...

its like yu have climbed into my head and stole my thougts with this post - good work

NADINE said...

great post! probably gonna do all of it this summer!!



wah summer just left aus!
i guess you can do some of those things in winter might not be as fun though. oh well leaves enough time to plan a dope road trip at the first hint of warmth in novemeber haa much love xx

ray said...

i love the essentials of a wild girl - she is such a FOX ;]

i feel like we're all long lost cubs - your clothes and jazz make me feel young and like summer will never end*


p.s. it never really does

cat said...

ay! hopefully i will get around doing all of these things this summer :) especially the road trip, i'm going to drive all the way up to oregon in july! :)

hope you are well!


Ane Kamilla said...

I so agree to everything on the list. Looking forward to summer now

Melissa said...

Yay for milkshakes!

emma said...

this is brillant! Roadtrips, milkshakes, and leather/florals....I'm so there

love the fashion kiwi

chloe said...

and i was trying to think of fun things to do this summer... this list seems like good place to start! loving the blog! x

Stephanie said...

omgod these are amazing and number 7 is the best!!